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One of the finest Club in Jaipur

The GrassField Club

Club Grassfield emerged as Rajasthan’s first ever privately owned club by Mr. Sunil Bansal for the purpose of extracting stress from people’s lives and providing people of all age groups with an area dedicated to pure fun and solace. Resorting in a posh location, the club encompasses multiple facilities that match with the state of the art equipment along with planned spaces that serve to events, functions as well as leisure.

A sports club that started with mere 8 room in 2005 has converted that number to 52 hotel rooms boasting luxury and leisure in the hope that the experience gained by the customers and members is maximized and their needs are catered to at all times. The advantages of this club are further highlighted with the number of facilities offered.

In the past the club has organized countless events to the likes of, Rain Dance parties, Gazal events, Treasure Hunts, Sports events, Dance Workshops, Badminton Championships, Cricket Tournaments, etc. but the most famous of them all are the Dandiya nights where our traditions and cultures are respected on a grand scale and everyone would enjoy and dance on the string of Gujrati music.

The club has also been a visiting pool for numerous celebrities not just as chief guests but also to use this beautiful location for their movies.


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